Frequently Asked Questions

How should I package my goods for transporting?

All goods for transporting should be sufficiently packaged in a Box, Gags, crates, Bundle or shrink wrapped onto a pallet to protect its contents. All goods will be handled to a minimum of 2to3 times before recipient receive it. Any shipment collected from you ,transfer on to Line-haul vehicle,and from line-Haul vehicle on to distribution vehicles then out on dispatch for delivery. Also note there will a lot of goods in the vehicle.

How much time do require for a collection booking?

As long as the collection is given before 14.00 we will still be able to collect. if you are situated In outlying area we will advise you on when we can collect.

How do I know if my collection has been collected?

You can call to confirm, but we will respond to you mail with a collection Reference number if we have all the required information.

Do You deliver in Township?

Yes we do however there will be a surcharge as due to a high risk area.

Can I request a quote even if I don’t have an account with you?

Yes, we do not require you to have an account with us in order to make use of our service.

How do I open a 30 day account with your Company?

Please refer to our downloads section on the website where you are able to dawn load a pdf copy of our credit application to complete.

How long will it take me to get my goods ?

It depends on from where the goods are being sent from and to.If the goods are going to a regional expect 2-3 days before delivery.If the goods are going to a local area give it 24hrs to deliver.

Can I pay for the transport fees to the driver at the collection or delivery point?

Due to the high crime rate in our country we do not allow our drivers to carry any cash with them at all. We will accept payments online via EFT, Instant Transfer, we do supply our banking details on our quotes requests.

What will happen if I cancel a collect on the arrival of the driver?

There will be chargers for the driving vehicle from one place to another. If collection is cancelled at the last minute you will charge for an attempt collect to recover our cost. If you call in a couple of hours' you'll not be charged.

Is your Company BB Compliant?

Yes, we certainly are please refer to our dawn loads section to dawn load our BEE Certificate.

Do you Deliver to Chain stores e.g. Builders Warehouse, Game Stores, Builders, Cashbuild's etc.

Yes, we do deliver. Most chain store require us to wait in long ques or attend to booking date and time before the driver is offloaded. This can sometimes take the whole day and for that courier charge a surcharge per consignment for delivering to any chain store.

How does volume over actual weight works?

Courier Companies charge either for the space utilized or the weight of the shipment you are sending. The volume over weight is calculated when the cargos' actual weight is very small however the item being sent is huge.

What is a waybill and where do you get them?

All Courier & Logistic Companies control document is referred to as a Waybill. And when the driver collect your parcel a waybill will be filled out, and a copy will be provide to you as for prove of collection or Delivery.