Terms & Conditions

Condition Of Carriage

All business is undertaken in terms of the Gav-Ron Courier Express Standard Trading Conditions, which are printed on the reverse of the Credit Application form and on all waybills.

Weight & Volumetric Checks

All consignments will be weighed and measured by Gav-Ron Courier Express Should the weights or measurements vary from those provided by the client, the weights, and measurements determined by Gav-Ron Courier Express will apply.

Insurance / Responsibility For Loss Or Damage

Insurance is requested by completing the relevant section on the supplied house air waybill (HAWB). The insurance premium is calculated at 2% of the declared value with a minimum of R75.00. No liability will be accepted for consequential loss however calculated. Second-hand goods may require being assessed prior to dispatch.


- Multiply the length x height x width of your parcel in centimeters.

- Divide the answer by 6000 (for International Airfreight), 5000 (for all services except International Cross Border Road Freight, Domestic Road Freight 48-96 Hours and International Airfreight) or 4000 (for International Cross Border Road Freight and Domestic Road Freight 48-96 Hours)

- The result is the volumetric weight.

Terms Of Payment

All tariffs quoted are in South Africa Rand and are exclusive of VAT.

Our credit and payment terms are strictly 7 days from the date of invoice. 30 days from the date of the statement in respect of those senders to whom the company has previously agreed to grant credit on all services.

 If payment is late, 2% of the total invoice will be added to the invoice as a late fee. An additional 3% discount if payment is made within 2 days of receipt of invoice and statement.

All transactions can be paid by cash, EFT (electronic funds transfer) or by cheque deposits into our bank account (details on request). Deposits of cash in our bank account attract an additional cash deposit fee, which must be added to the tariff quoted.